gresim cand noi, cand drumul

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i am not confident. i know that i’m smart, but not in the ways that count. i read people much better than books but i never have the words to explain my findings. i’m only as funny as i feel. and i sometimes walk with my head down. my posture is terrible. i think horrible things about people and i let my emotions get the best of me. i’m really not as nice as i’d like to be, or as innocent as you’d

think i am. i am a contradiction to everything i want to stand for. i’m a big dreamer with little motivation. i am really no good at all on my own. but i am analytical with myself. and i don’t understand how anyone could be cocky or proud when they are aware of all the disgusting things they think and do, but no one knows. we’re all broken enough to be humble.

Author: drinkonlyvodka

deeply superficial

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  1. When you forget confidence, you forget yourself. So what if you’re not smart in the ways that count? No one was ever smart enough to get what they really needed, they were just smart enough to get what they wanted. If you don’t have the words to explain yourself, well then my dear, you haven’t read enough books.

    Your posture is good enough, and whoever cave a damn about posture, could very well go fuck themselves.

    All of us think horrible shit about other people, and if your emotions wouldn’t get the best of you, then what the fuck are you doing in the Home Sapiens Sapiens species? And you’re just as nice and as innocent as everyone else, don’t beat your chest on this, you are still human.

    If you think you’re a contradiction to everything you stand for, well then, maybe you’re not standing in the right spot. And if you forgot how to dream, go on way back to one point where you still knew how to do that because you took a wrong turn at one point.

    Oh, and if you think being cocky and proud is against seeing oneself, see my point above. We’re not all broken enough to be humble, we’re all broken. And once we understand that, things will eventually change. No one is perfect, but then again, that’s point. And if we don’t take pride in our imperfection, then what the fuck are we still worth to this Earth?

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